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10 years since VASTUTSAV: 40th Annual NASA Convention

It was today December 17, exactly 10 years ago that Rizvi College of Architecture welcomed nearly 3000 students of architecture for the 40th Annual NASA Convention.

This was a benchmark event in the life of the college then just six years in existence.

Held at the Andheri Sports Complex and attended by nearly 75 member and observor colleges from India and a few colleges from abroad too, VASTUTSAV brought an Annual Convention of NASA to Bombay after nearly a decade.

For many students from the frst batch…the batch of 1992 this was the swansong to a glorious and fantastic career as students at RCA.

It also created a rock solid foundation upon which students in the years to come excelled at NASA.

Today RCA is a force to reckon with at any NASA convention. We have won the Le Corbusier trophy on numerous consecutive occassions in the last years.

VASTUTSAV was held at the Andheri Sports Complex from Dec 17-20, 1997. The evening started with a fantastic opening ceremony tracing the architecture zeitgeist in India at the time and then culminating in a 45 minute rock show by Remo, a fellow architect and one of India’s great artists.

Over the next days the regular high energy scenarios continued as the small crew of 2000 host college students tried to make everyone happy. Most students never went home. A few never slept.

A Fashion show by the students of the college was another event that was long remembered after the convention was over.

How NASA came to RCA is a story that will forever remain part of the RCA urban legend and right through the year the support of Prof. Chauhan, Prof. Shetty and Prof. Shakti Parmar went a long way in making the event a success.

To a generation of students right from the Batch of 1992 to the batch of 1997 who had just come in, the 40th Annual NASA as host college students will forever remain a great memory.

As years have passed since that event and students have moved on, these memories form some of the defining moments in the life of RCA and its students past, present and future.

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